Rip Curl Mirage
TimeSlice Films – Demoreel 2009
StreetDance 3D
OGER Telecom
Port Aventura
Over The Rainbow – BBC1
Got To Dance / Sky1
So You Think You Can Dance / BBC
Dancing On Ice – Series 5 Titles
Healthier Scotland – ‘Steps For Stress’
Coming Of Age – Title Sequence
Cat Clothing / Fold 7
Heineken / AKQA – Star Match
Living TV – Dating In The Dark
Billy Elliot – Motion Poster Campaign
The Bill – ITV Promo
BBC Sport – F1 Pit Stop Special – 'Overall'
Chris Moyles Quiz Night – Title Sequence
The Graham Norton Show – Live Graphics
Britain's Got Talent – Lighting Graphics
C.O.I (Central Office of Information), Hepatitus C
Bring Back Star Trek – Visual Effects and Graphics
YearDot – Title Sequence
Dancing On Ice – Title Sequence
Dancing On Ice – Lighting Graphics
Delta Tre – Corporate Graphics
The X Factor – Lighting Graphics & Artwork
Bring Back Fame – Content Graphics
Sony D-SLR Camera Promo
Eurovision Dance Contest – Live Graphics
Tonighty – Content Graphics
Bring Back Star Wars – Visual Effects
Sky HD Ident
I’d Do Anything – Lighting Graphics
Road To Beijing – Title Sequence
Canon Microsite
Grand Design Live – Title Sequence
Magnet Kitchens – 'Rhythm'
Birds Eye – 'Forties'
NortonLand – Title Sequence
American Idol – Elvis & Celine Dion Duet Special
CI Channel – 'Cold Case' Promo
Gavin & Stacey – BBC3 Series 1 Promo
School’s Out – Title Sequence & Live Graphics
Miracles of Jesus
Really Bend It Like Beckham
Sky Sports – Fireworks Idents
BBC Four – Light Fantastic Promo [From our archive]
Hustle – BBC Promo [From our archive]
Del Monte [From our archive]
Sky Sports [From our archive]
Weird Nature [From our archive]
Supernatural [From our archive]
Smoke City – Underwater Love [From our archive]
EMI ‘World Without Music’ [From our archive]
Capital FM ‘Static’ [From our archive]
BBC Tomorrow’s World 1993: ‘Dog’ [From our archive]
Tim Macmillan Early Work 1980 – 1994

We can provide a truly immersive experience in these different ways:

Interactive / Digital – content for web & mobile devices is the fastest growing market for Time-Slice® Films. From exploratory high fashion tableaux to dynamic 360 degree e-commerce product shots, there is huge demand to provide new & innovative experiences for users.

Live Sports & Events – with our Live-To-Air systems, near real-time playback of events is made possible. Captured action is processed in seconds ready for play-out or as an asset for use in a later edit. Combined with our experienced team of on-site motion graphic designers, memorable, eye catching results can quickly be delivered.

Visual FX – with nearly 20 years of production experience, Time-Slice® Films has serviced the film & broadcast industries around the world. Our current arrays offer near instant review of takes on-set, allowing directors to have absolute confidence & make sure they are getting what they want ‘in the can’. Our crew will be part of the team & help facilitate your creative vision throughout the process.
All of the above can be made stereoscopic 3D should you require.

Our Time-Slice camera array is a 2nd generation digital system. Its image quality allows the output of our array to match with anything from SD to HD and all the way up to 4K in resolution. Also because of this resolution, dynamic virtual camera moves are possible in post, allowing you to push-in to a shot by up to a factor of 4 in some cases. Additionally with our bespoke software we’re able to offer playback of takes on set within minutes, allowing your creative team to see what they’re getting ‘in the can’ almost instantly. A far cry from previous systems where it could be a number of days before you had any idea whether or not a shot had been successful due to the film needing to be processed.
There are an infinite number of ways to configure the rig, our three favorites are:

  • Linear, which is where all the cameras track across the scene, providing a nice way of revealing elements over the duration of the shot.
  • Converged linear which provides the perfect way of spanning large areas, going big on the camera move whilst fixating on certain points of action.
  • Curved, this provides the greatest amount of rotation around the subject, a-la Matrix style. We tend not to shoot round more than 120 degrees of curve, as beyond this expensive rig-removal is needed in post-production. However, we’re happy to discuss all options!

We come from a diverse mix of expressive backgrounds and have over 30 years experience within motion graphic design, compositing, editing, 3D modelling & animation, photography, camera tracking, directing & visual effects. As a melting pot of expertise we take great pride in our ever evolving creative hand and cutting-edge eye, a balance which has proven to produce visually innovative results and very happy clients!
We have worked with brands such as Heineken, Formula 1, Canon, Britain’s Got Talent, Billy Elliott, Gavin & Stacey, The Bill, Birds Eye, The X Factor, Dancing On Ice, American Idol and Sky HD to name but a few for a variety of mediums including TV & broadcast, film, ad campaigns, online marketing and cinema commercials. Our projects are broadcast globally and our UK channel exposure is extensive.
Our ‘Design Boutique’ approach means we create uniquely styled solutions for every project – individual, bespoke and distinctive. Each client receives the one-on-one service they deserve & an end product that inspires.
We invent, we enhance & we stimulate. Your brand, your senses, your story…

We have managed to build up quite a repertoire of equipment for our toy box over the years and love the flexibility having these all to hand gives us – it makes for fun play days as I’m sure you can imagine! We wet and dry hire most of our equipment so do feel free to contact us for rental rates.

  • Covert cameras
  • High speed cameras
  • Infra Red cameras
  • Microwave linked cameras
  • Panoramic cameras
  • Remote controlled camera
  • Self operating trap cameras
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Time-Slice® Rig
  • Underwater cameras & Underwater housing
  • Timelapse cameras

Our production staff have over 15 years of commercials, corporates and broadcasting experience for all major UK channels, and feel equally at home setting up shoots in international locations.
Sharing a history in genre’s such as documentaries, factual and light entertainment our team have a broad spectrum of knowledge and a little black book brimming with contacts. They are able to deliver on time and with the highest quality of standards regardless of a production’s budget. The production team at Time-Slice® are able to operate as a full production service, a successful team in co-production and can even offer local advice or consultancy to international clients, as required. We operate from London and Bath in the UK and also have a base in Cape Town, SA.

Time-Slice® head office is based in South London and accommodates our production and in-house design teams. Our equipment is also housed here which gives us great flexibility when working on projects, the space also provides expansion when needed, large post-productions and even green screen shoots are possible within the same building with little effort.
We have an eclectic patchwork of skillsets here at Time-Slice® which when fused together gives our designers, compositors and optical specialists the unique chance to create the spectacular.
Our Time-Slice® technology has long been of interest to many companies hoping to produce post-plugin solutions for the re-timing and stabilisation processes, this in turn has led us to become beta testers for some of the industries top software developers such as ‘The Foundry’ and ‘Imagineer Systems’. Being involved in this stage of plug-in development helps maintain our position at the top of cutting-edge design and bespoke optical solutions.
This means that as obscure and outlandish as a request maybe we’d be hard pushed not to find a solution that enhances your story even further than imagined…